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Welding Rotator

Product Description

These machines are built in capacities from 1 tonnes to 2000 tonnes. The frame is of robust fabricated construction and is machined on the top and underneath to ensure perfect alignment. Both the drive and the idler frames are provided with robust fabricated carriages which support the axles and bearings of the rubber / polyurethane or steel rollers.

Self-aligning construction the trunnion brackets which support the rubber typed wheels automatically align themselves when changing from one diameter to another, no manual adjustment whatsoever is required.

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Other Rotators

Conventional Rotators

Conventional rotators are considerably basic type of roller set. Typically, there are two sets of rollers with frames which can be adjusted manually or by a lead screw mechanism to accommodate the range of diameters. These are low cost, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. They can be used as simple fit up rotators.

These machines are used to set positions of cylindrical jobs in light or heavy fabrication shops. Use of roller sets provides increased production with reduced labor and idle time.


- Low cost
- Easy to operate
- Minimal maintenance
- Adaptable to both manual and automatic welding work
- Exceptional quality circumferential weld joints

Self-Aligning Rotators

Self-Aligning Rotators are an advanced version of conventional Rotators. When the requirement is such that the diameter of the job varies time to time and range of diameter is to be accommodated, Self-Aligning Rotators are most suitable. Self-Aligning Rotators have dynamic/automatic roller adjustment to assist a wide range of job diameters.


- Reduced labour due to auto adjustment according to job size
- Increased productivity due to reduced job setting time
- Highly efficient for thin vessels due to 4-point suspension


Anti-Drift Rotators are most suitable machines when stable rotation is required throughout the welding process. When the job turns on the rotator, it drifts in one direction while in operation on rotator. Main reason for this drift is unbalanced mass of the job. To minimise this longitudinal displacement Anti-Drift System is used. It improves axial accuracy of the job.


- Improved axial positioning of rotators
- Extremely stable operation


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